Here for your enjoyment are pictures taken by Kevin Durant at the Aviation Nation 2008 Air Show in Las Vegas Nevada. This Air Show was at the Nellis Air Force Base. It featured so many planes I can not even list them.

Whether you are an Airliner fan, Military Aircraft fan or just love all planes as I do, these are fun pictures. They will give you a sense of how big and fun this event was. Some incredible flying by the Thunderbirds as well as many others were the highlight of the day There was over 75 static displays. Some of my crew as well as many spectators took shade under many aircraft which served as shade trees for some and amazing aircraft for others. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Click on any image to see it larger as we wanted to make the page load as quickly as possible so all are thumbnails. and Tristar Airplane World 

More Pictures being added daily, over 300 taken. Camera used by Kevin Durant is a Nikon D60

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Nellis 2002 Below  Not by Kevin Durant :-)

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